In later 2008, 750 people united in cyberspace to respond to a Vegan Relationship Survey conducted by M. Butterflies Katz ( Here is a summary of the questions and findings. The overall conclusion of the survey is that there is no stereotypical vegan. There are abolitionists, raw-food vegans, straight-edge vegans, Jain, Christian, Jewish, and Atheist vegans, and so on. Vegans think differently on different topics. To see the...

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Say No To Meat

Say No to Meat, by Amanda Strombom and Stewart Rose is a quirky little book that gives “the 411 on ditching meat”. Unlike other vegetarian/vegan guides who may sometimes seem difficult or overwhelming, Say no to Meat does a good job of conveying the fact to the lay reader in a witty, yet informative way. Their book is presented in a simple question and answer layout to which all your basic vegetarian inquires and concerns are...

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No apologies For Emotional Activism

It’s true that animal rights is an emotional topic, as many issues concerned with the ethical treatment of animals touch a nerve with people who care deeply about our fellow sentient beings. However, there are opponents of animal rights who dismiss and discredit activists as overly emotional in dealing with animal issues. But, when we are talking about living, thinking, feeling beings, who are being exploited, abused, and slaughtered...

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Why Using the Term “Companion Animal” Is Wrong

Language is a powerful tool; from which we connect thoughts, images, and judgments about the world around us. That being said, it’s important that we remain conscious of the language we use when advocating for animals. As positive language has played a role in re-adjusting the perceptions about people who have been marginalized by society, we must not forget that using positive language is still relevant in the struggle for animal liberation....

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Nothing Humane About Animal Slaughter

“”tifies enslaving and murdering e the meat industry fied, or called humane when its who are killed solely to satisfy ’s he people who perpetrate the systematic s must be considered speci” to disregardnon-human animals as anything less than murder. The concept of humane animal slaughter is selftaking of sentient life is in itself, inhumane. When the two parallels are examined, there can be no...

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