Go Vegan

Animal Rights Concerns is a nonprofit educational website exploring a more compassionate way of living. Operating on the principle that animals are not property we reject any usage of animals.

To be most effective, ARC focuses on educating the public about the (strict) vegetarian diet and vegan lifestyle – by not taking part in using animals, each individual is making a pro animal rights statement, undertaking an economic boycott, and supporting the production of vegan products with their subsequent choices. These decisions, and the message they send to others, help to move society away from industries that use animals as a means to human ends.

How it all began

It all started in 2003 when I registered the domain animalsuffering.com. The internet was new for me and I quickly got hooked. At first the forum was all the site had to offer. And I am glad to say that ARCO was the first real animal rights forum that appeared on the net. At the time I started the forum you didn’t have a lot of other options and all of them where full of welfarist that actually opposed animal rights.

User Driven Content

Visitors are incouraged to submit articles, book reviews, product reviews, FAQ, etc.

Suggestions and comments on existing pages are more than welcome. Just use the right bottom link to the forum and post a reply to the support topic or start a new thread.

Animal Rights Community Online

ARC hosts the ARCO main forum on animalsuffering.com, the blog hosting part can be found at animalrightscommunity.com
Each member of the boards has blogspace reserved at animalrightscommunity.com When you login with your forum account details a blog is automatically created and you can start working on it right away.

To add resources (articles, facts, book reviews,…) to ARC you will need an ARCO forum account as well.

Hosting of Animal Rights and Vegan websites

ARC’s server also offers a home to other vegan outreach and animal rights projects (veganforce.com, animalrightscommunity.com, goveg.eu,…)

ARC offers free webhosting to online animal rights or vegan outreach projects. For more information register at the forum and send a PM (Personal Message) to Minoesj.