It’s true that animal rights is an emotional topic, as many issues concerned with the ethical treatment of animals touch a nerve with people who care deeply about our fellow sentient beings.

However, there are opponents of animal rights who dismiss and discredit activists as overly emotional in dealing with animal issues. But, when we are talking about living, thinking, feeling beings, who are being exploited, abused, and slaughtered everyday, it is no surprise that deep felt emotions from those concerned should arise. If the emotions of activists are fuelled by facts, and rational thought, then why shouldn’t emotion play a part in discussing these issues?

Perhaps animal rights is such an emotional issue, because we see the similarities between human rights abuses, and non-human animal abuses, and how the two are related to our struggle for a peaceful existence with all of the beings we share this planet with.
To suggest that activism be separated from emotion, is to suggest denying the very essence of what makes us human in the first place.