Often, within the Western world, the methods used for the slaughter of animals for human consumption are promoted as being humane. By using the guise of these so called humane slaughter methods, society justifies enslaving and murdering countless sentient animals, such as cows, pigs, and chickens each year in factroy farms. But, how can anything like the meat industry be justified, or called humane when it remains inherently unethical?

Look at it from this perspective: if a human being kills another in cold-blood, does it make the killing any more justifiable if the murderer takes the time to make sure the victim is killed swiftly and without any pain?

The logical answer is that it is still cold-blooded murder committed against another sentient being, despite the manner in which the victim was killed. The same is true for the animals who are killed solely to satisfy human’s taste for meat.

The people who perpetrate the systematic killing of these animals must be considered murderers, as it would be “speciesist” to disregard the human perpetrated slaughter of non-human animals as anything less than murder.

The concept of humane animal slaughter is self-contradictory, as the needless taking of sentient life is in itself, inhumane. When the two parallels are examined, there can be no distinctions made between the killing of a human being by another, and the killing of a non-human animal by a human.