Say No to Meat, by Amanda Strombom and Stewart Rose is a quirky little book that gives “the 411 on ditching meat”. Unlike other vegetarian/vegan guides who may sometimes seem difficult or overwhelming, Say no to Meat does a good job of conveying the fact to the lay reader in a witty, yet informative way. Their book is presented in a simple question and answer layout to which all your basic vegetarian inquires and concerns are addressed. They cover a wide array of topics from “How much does food matter to my health?” to “How to tell your date/friends, etc. that your vegetarian/vegan”. It also goes into discussion about the meat industry and their treatment of animals. They explained this especially well because they did it without sounding too “preachy”, which turns off many non-vegetarian/vegans. So if you are just going “Veg”, already vegetarian and in the look for a good read, or want your meat eating friends to read something of substance, pick up this book and soon you all will say no to meat!